The 9th Annual Bushwick Film Festival is scheduled from September 29 to October 2 and is emerging as one of the best festivals in NYC for independent filmmakers to showcase their work. InLove magazine partnered with Bushwick Film Festival supporting independent filmmakers in their successful achievements. Stay tuned for further announcements. Brooklyn Borough President Eric […]



Following September 11, 2001, New York’s morale and economy was on the rocks. The arts in particular were struggling. That year, in the midst of all the pain and confusion, the Tribeca Film Festival was created. The TFF founded by Jane Rosenthal, Robert De Niro and Craig Hatkoff. Jane Rosenthal is an American film producer, […]



Famous Ukrainian film director, People’s Choice Artist of Ukraine, Director General of Dovzhenko National Film Studios, Oles Yanchuk, spoke with optimism about the future of Ukrainian cinema. He said that it is our culture that unites us and brings together Ukrainian community. As far as I know, together with the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America […]



There’s no question about film festivals being a great platform for filmmakers to showcase their hard-earned lives and many filmmakers have something to say. Whether it is a documentary on a young boy turned saint in Indonesia, or a fun short about pyramid schemes, film festivals are the place to make a statement and try […]


Oscars 2015

My family and I like to play a game every year at the Oscars. Everyone spits out their pick at the winner 5 seconds before the chosen nominee is announced. This year, I was determined to win the game. My Goal: Win the Oscars Game My Strategy: Watch every nominated film before entering the battlefield […]


Executed Renaissance – Povodyr (The Guide)

The premiere of Oles Sanin’s film Povodyr (The Guide) took place on the 12th of November. The movie’s production had been finished on December 2012 and its opening had been awaited with great anticipation. The film was already a year old when it was released and, at just that same time, the events of Maydan […]


An Animation About Life – The Prophet

It’s about love, marriage, friendship, birth, death, work; it’s about life. “The Prophet”, a classic book by Lebanese writer Khalil Gibran is all one really needs as a timeless guide to live a fulfilled life in perspective. Quoted around the world, and widely known as the Bible of the 60’s, Gibran’s 26 prose poetry essays […]


Alessia Sushko – Roller Coaster To Stardom

Alessia Sushko Riding the Roller Coaster to Stardom “I think we are all as beautiful as we are inside. If you have an exciting life, it will shine on the outside.” “If there is a good will, there is great way” a quote by William Shakespeare translates smoothly to the journey rising actress, Alessia Sushko, […]

Balayan Lover of Beauty

Lover of Beauty – Roman Gurenovich Balayan

Roman Gurenovich Balayan is a charming man, a prominent film director and a wonderful storyteller. He is use to the media’s attention and has mastered the art of giving interviews. Lately, he has been constantly attacked by the journalists who want him to share his thoughts and memories of Sergei Parajanov. For many years, he […]