Some women proudly reveal their age just to see jaws drop and hear amazement. I always wondered how these women did it. I bet there was someone else involved and that someone is a board-certified surgeon. Unfortunately, fear of looking fake and being stigmatized stops many women from having a chance to reverse the effects […]



TRX, Cross Fit, Functional Training, Tabata – these are just a few fitness classes trending in Ukraine at the moment. Ukraine has always been strong in sports, but mostly among professionals. The past few years have shown that sport and fitness can be accessible to anybody, with the help of a wish and of course, […]


Ischia – Healing with Thermal Waters

Ischia, an island in the Bay of Naples, known for its thermal pools with healing waters and its miraculous natural spas. The water from the natural hot springs, heated by volcanic action, is believed to be the most radioactive in Europe and is good for a variety of health treatments including rheumatism. The thermal springs […]


Dentistry From The Soul

MARTIN RABINOVICH – I LOVE AND HAVE A PASSION FOR HELPING PEOPLE IN NEED  It is something that’s been a part of my life. Growing up with my twin brother and being raised by a single mother, I’ve seen and experienced a fair share of struggle and sacrifice. Fortunately, being raised with amazing parenting and […]


“From Sick To Bliss To Conversations With God”

Angela White “From Sick to Bliss to Conversations with God” is a book that tells the story of my life of the past two years. I was an ordinary, happy and healthy, so I thought, married housewife with three beautiful boys. In July of 2012, I started my journey. The journey of awakening to who […]