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As one of the country’s most sought after facial plastic surgeons, Dr. Konstantin Vasyukevich specializes in the art of facial rejuvenation. His skill and his longstanding reputation for being one of the best in the business keep the double board-certified facial plastic surgeon one of the busiest doctors in Manhattan.

His particular area of expertise is surgical facial rejuvenation – which primarily includes facelifts and neck lifts. His Park Avenue practice elicits visits not only from New Yorkers but draws in a clientele from all over the world. As one of the top plastic surgery specialists in the country, Dr. Konstantin has not only been featured in numerous media outlets, but his work has also earned him many prestigious accolades.
“Being a plastic surgeon, especially one that specializes in the face, is almost like being a sculptor, but instead of working with clay and marble, I make real people look beautiful,” Dr. Konstantin tells INLOVE Magazine. “That’s one of the most rewarding jobs that one can think of. I can change lives by making people look how they feel on the inside.”

When patients come to Dr. Konstantin, often it’s because they’ve stopped recognizing the person that they see staring back at them in the mirror. “We really can reset the clock and rejuvenate the face by a good 10 to 15 years,” he explained. “It almost feels like I’m giving them that time back. That’s a wonderful feeling.”


The most significant trend in plastic surgery happening now is that people who are getting facelifts are becoming younger and younger. It is not uncommon to see a 30 and 40-year-olds seeking to get a facelift. Years ago, a plastic surgeon would make a patient like that wait until the aging process was quite advanced before offering to get work done. As Dr. Konstantin pointed out – why wait until you see the full effect of aging? “We have changed the way we think about the aesthetics of the aging process, and we place a lot of emphasis on prevention,” he tells INLOVE. “Today, a lot of people start thinking about facial rejuvenation much earlier in life. They don’t want to wait for their face to age. Many people fear that if their face all of a sudden looks much younger, everyone would know that they’ve had something done.”

As the good doctor went on to explain, coast to coast, trends in facial plastic surgery vary. “It’s different because there’s a certain culture that’s associated with certain locations,” he said. In New York, it’s all about looking natural. “People literally walk into the office and say, ‘If anybody can guess that I had something done, I’m not going to do it.’ In California, on the other hand, people don’t mind looking like they had something done, as long as it looks good. As long as they like the result, that’s perfect for them. That’s the major difference between New York and L.A.”

The Influence Of Social Media

“There are two ways to think about the effects of social media,” Dr. Konstantin says. “Like everything else in life, there are both good and bad things about trends. The good thing is that people are aware of how they appear. Because they constantly photograph themselves, they really study their faces and know all of the little flaws that they might see in pictures. And when they come to a plastic surgeon, they already come well-educated. Once somebody has done their research, it makes them happier, because they know exactly what they want. Then, once they get it, they feel good about it.”

The second benefit of social media is that there are numerous before and after photos and procedures that can be viewed online. “The quality standards of plastic surgery are significantly improving because everybody’s expecting their results look as good as the results that they see on social media,” he continued. “Everybody’s expecting to look their best, and they are comparing themselves to what’s out there.”

The negatives, of course, are that sometimes people go too far with it. “Unfortunately, it’s a natural tendency for people to say, ‘If I do something and it looks good, then why don’t I do twice as much of it. Then it will look twice as good.’ That’s not always the case. Cosmetic procedures look best when they are done in moderation. There’s a good balance in everything, including plastic surgery.” Dr. Konstantin says that should be the role of the plastic surgeon. A good doctor will advise patients on how far they should go before it becomes too much.

As he pointed out, living in the age of social media, and specifically working in Hollywood, can influence someone’s desire to have work done. “They have to appear onscreen. A lot of people rely on that for their professional success, so that definitely impacts the choices that they make,” Dr. Konstantin acknowledged. The doctor has quite a few patients who fly in from California, which includes some familiar faces in Hollywood.

The Hollywood Connection

Dr. Konstantin was the plastic surgeon for the Oscar nominees in 2019. He also did a special event for 2019 Emmy’s nominees. “I do this educational talk about plastic surgery because I feel like my mission is to educate people about what they can achieve. Living in L.A., you see so many poor results. It’s not related to the inability of plastic surgeons to make somebody look good. It’s the poor choices that people make, and people make poor choices because they are not well-educated. I’m happy to educate the Emmy nominees and be part of the Oscar process.”

The Age Difference

As Dr. Konstantin says, with his younger clients, it’s all about prevention. “People start doing Botox, for example, fairly early, because they don’t want those wrinkles ever to develop. The old-fashioned way was more about waiting for those wrinkles to become deep and then start reversing the process. Now, people want to stay ahead of the curve. Fillers is another procedure that is very popular with younger patients, he revealed. “Lips and cheeks are some of the favorite areas that younger stars would prefer to inject; because they are very heavily influenced by Instagram photos of famous models and actors. People come into the office, and they bring their phones with them so that they can show me their preferred lips or their favorite cheeks.” Those patients that are slightly older, they also do quite a bit of fillers, but at some point, they might instead opt for a more permanent rejuvenation procedure such as a facelift or a neck lift.

The Future

“Age prevention is probably going to be the biggest thing that is going to be developing,” Dr. Konstantin predicts. “Because if we have to reverse the aging changes, the way I look at it, is that we already failed. Now we have to work twice as hard at reversing that. I’m sure there will be some new treatment modalities coming up in the next 10 to 15 years that will help us to maybe, freeze somebody in time. We want somebody looking their best, like when they’re in their 30s and 40s, when they’re in their 50s and 60s. We have a lot of tools already to be able to do that. As time progresses and new treatment modalities appear, we’re just going to be getting better and better at that.”

The Greatest Payoff

“The best compliment is when people come back and say, ‘Everyone at work says I look great and nobody can figure out why.’ They get their facelift, they go back to work, and everyone says – you look so rejuvenated. Did you go on vacation? Or, your hair looks great. Nobody would think that they had something done because it just looks natural. That’s the best thing that I hear from my patients.”

As for how the doctor would define beauty, he says that it’s really about inner peace. “You have to be at peace with yourself, and looking good, I think, is part of that equation. You have to be happy with your relationship, you have to be happy with your work, you have to be happy with how you feel about yourself, and you have to be happy about how you look. Once all of those things happen, I would say that’s what beauty is all about. People come to me when something is missing in that package,” he continued. “I would never have a patient come in and say, ‘I kind of feel old, so I want to get a facelift.’ That just doesn’t work. People come in, and they say, ‘I feel young. And I just want to match on the outside how I feel on the inside.’

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