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How InLOVE spreads the love, one charitable donation at a time…

Have you ever wondered what was behind the creation of InLOVE? The stellar team of enthusiastic and creative people, all brought together by one driving force – editor-in-chief and creative director Elena V – and we are celebrating our third year anniversary this Fall. There is so much to say about Elena’s work and achievements, that we can’t cover all… but let us give you an idea of our fearless leader…


Ukrainian-born and NYC-bred, with a degree in Fashion Design and Art History from Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, Elena V is passionate about creating beautiful and inspiring editorials. Page by page, each issue never fails to fascinate. In her many years of being a fashion- and arts-insider and enthusiast, she has never shied away from any challenge or opportunity. She has developed a timeless yet edgy style that is all her own and is positively contagious! It always communicates a fresh perspective, her zest for life, and an inexhaustible desire to impress. Her projects are all a combination of creativity, professionalism, and ingenuity. Elena’s artistic background includes performing as a classical concert pianist, curating surrealist Russian & Ukrainian art, fashion design, Latin dancing, and costuming for cinema and theater. Her creations in costuming actually lead her to win the coveted title of “Best Designer” in a runway fashion show competition inspired by Vitaminwater, and sponsored by The Coca-Cola Company, in 2011. This was followed by multiple appearances on Channels 7 and 4, all having to do with fashion and the life creative.


Elena grew up in New York, calling it home since she was 12 years old. She has always been proud of her Ukrainian heritage, and felt very strongly about showing support during the civil disturbances (also referred to as the Maidan Uprising) in Ukraine in 2013. Protests across the country caused many casualties, and resulted in a wave of refugees and orphans. At that moment in time, Elena decided to create InLOVE Magazine as an outlet for creativity, beauty, virtue and love. At first, InLOVE Magazine was in English and Ukrainian – a bilingual tribute to the worlds that made Elena the person she is now. It was important to her to introduce Ukrainian culture to the American audience, and vice versa. It took tremendus dedication and effort to bring together two very different cultures under one humanitarian umbrella of culture, art, and fashion. The timing was actually perfect: just when Elena’s native homeland of Ukraine was tormented with civil war and despair, just when it needed support and a reminder that love and light still existed in the world, InLOVE Magazine was born. It was a token of appreciation, born of a desire to give back to her country of origin, and to the people. The Ukrainian part of InLOVE Magazine was designed to familiarize the world with the unique flavors of Ukrainian culture and art. t was a successful collaboration of creative teams across the Atlantic, a cosmopolitan celebration of beauty and love!


As the editor-in-chief and creative director of InLOVE Magazine, she teamed up with Sublimitas, a nonprofit that helps socio-economically marginalized children and youth in Ukraine develop their potential through education. “Sublimitas” in Latin means “elevation,” or “elevated state of mind and character.” Their belief is that through education, a child can be elevated from inequalities that prevent them from developing their full potential as a human being. With each magazine copy sold, and with individual fundraising events organized by InLOVE, we donate partial proceeds to the children in Ukraine through the Sublimitas organization. With so much darkness weighing the world down, Elena V and Sublimitas will restore your faith and hope in humanity and this world of ours.

While Elena and the Sublimitas team are working hard to make the world a better (prettier, more creative, inspirational, remarkable, fill in the blanks!) place, we are just thankful to our editor-in-chief for being the most talented overachiever. She never stops, she fills the world around her with love, and she inspires us (and, hopefully, you too) to do the same. Always be InLOVE!

Bella Zadig and Maria Vasylivna.

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