Meet Designer Gena Myint Presented During Nyfw By Nolcha

What does your brand represent?  It represents individuality.  I think it’s important to be and express oneself in all ways and forms.

Who is your muse, customer?  The everyday woman.  One who is feminine, independent, courageous and expressive.

When did you know you wanted to become a jewelry designer and why?  Since I was little kid, about 5-6 years old.  It was during the time when I would hang out at my Grandma’s workshop.  There, she would give me mini fun projects to do while she was working.  I would piece together fabrics and embellishments.  It was the most fun.  I was quite fortunate to have had those experiences as a kid.

Where do you find your inspiration, what inspires you?  I have a wild imagination.  I would have unusual visuals and ideas from people watching, my travels and nature.

What are your dreams and goals?  I have many dreams and ideas.  And, they are connected in some ways through creativity.  Aside from designing, I also teach a jewelry design workshop.  So, it is a dream of mine to create a non-profit organization that involves teaching and nurturing the development of creativity and skills for kids.  They are the future.  I really hope to make an impact in this world.

What does being successful mean to you?  It means to be happy and healthy, and all will follow through from it.

Which word of advice would you give to a young designer who is just starting out?  You must believe in yourself and act on your gut feeling, don’t just listen to it.

What is your “moto” for success?  Dream big and never stop dreaming.

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