Sebastián Rulli and Renata Notni at the premiere of El Dragón in Hollywood

Sebastián Rulli (Miguel Garza) and Renata Notni (Adela Cruz) are heating up the screen in “El Dragón.” The Spanish-language drama, created by Arturo Pérez-Reverte, and produced by Patricio Wills, premieres on Univision on Sept. 30.

The action-packed crime-drama spans five countries and taps into an entirely new genre – one of global proportions. The show follows Rulli (Garza) who inherits a narco-trafficking empire. Garza is caught between two worlds. There is his life in Mexico, where he’s faced with the untimely death of his parents, and his life in Japan, where he is sent by his grandfather with the hope of him discovering his own success.

When Garza is summoned to Mexico to avenge his parents’ deaths and save the family “business,” he must use what he knows about both worlds. His family’s survival and his soul depends on it.
The premiere of El Dragón at Yamashiro in Hollywood welcomed Rulli and Notni for the special occasion. INLOVE Magazine’s Sari Cohen had the opportunity to speak with them about their upcoming series.

Sari Cohen: What was it like bringing this to life?

Renata Notni: It was an incredible experience from start to finish. From the casting to the last day of filming. I am honored to play my character and to be part of this project that has raised many expectations, which I am sure it will meet because it’s such a unique project.

Sebastián Rulli: It was wonderful, and in reality, it has been an unbelievable experience. A lot of work was done for many months and to see it on the screen right now. We are emotional and grateful for this opportunity.

Sari Cohen: What did you love most about working together?

RN: We have worked with each other before, but that was a long time ago. When you are on the same boat with someone who is dedicated as you are, puts all their love in their character and the project, it increases your energy. To know that you are on the same page with him and everyone is amazing and it’s essential. I believe you can see it on screen 100 percent.

SR: I always say, if the heads are complicated or with a bad attitude, it affects the whole production. In contrary, we were penetrated to do our best, and she is the best example of an actress and coworker. We were on the same level.

Sari Cohen: What would you say is the universal message here?

RN: It has a lot of good messages in general. It’s a story that has drama, love, action, and in every story, there is a positive message.

SR: I believe that it does not matter where you are or what the situation that you are in; you can always do the right thing.

You can catch Sebastián Rulli and Renata Notni in action when El Dragón debuts on Univision on Sept. 30.