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Paving the Path to University Program Class 2015

Thanks to the support of our donors, including the InLove magazine, five of our students-orphans (Class 2015) are now pursuing higher education in Ukraine! Zhanna, Vadym, Mykola, Ruslana, and Vitya are now 1st year students in several universities and technical colleges in Chernihiv. In the interview, Zhanna noted: “Paving the Path to University program is a ticket to life. Without your support I would not have been where I am now.” Zhanna and her peers have recently completed their first semester at the university, and we are proud of their accomplishments. In summer 2015, Alina joined her Ukrainian foster family in Poland, where she enrolled in an intensive language program and will be applying to universities next year. And Natalia is pursuing vocational training, majoring in tailoring.


Paving the Path to University Program Class 2016

We are delighted to introduce you to our new students (Class 2016) participating in the Paving the Path to University program in the rural orphanage in Chernihiv region: Oksana, Raya, Yaroslav, Serhiy, Sasha, and Yaroslav! The students receive intensive tutoring in Ukrainian language, history, geography, biology, chemistry, and math as they prepare for higher education entrance exams in 2016. Our Class 2016 students are determined to break the many structural barriers facing orphans to be able to pursue higher education in Ukraine and to have access to full participation in society.

New Partnerships

In September 2015, in partnership with Ukraine United Foundation (Houston, TX) we have launched the Education Breaks Barriers project in the western city Lviv, Ukraine. Through Education Breaks Barriers, we have implemented Paving the Path to University program in the Lviv orphanage enabling six graduating orphans (Ulyana, Eduard, Vitalik, Dmytro, Mariya, and Sviatoslav) to prepare for university entrance exams to pursue higher education in Ukraine; and Academic Support and Mentoring program for children who suffered as a result of the war in Ukraine. Children whose fathers died or have been severely injured receive tutoring and mentoring from the Ukrainian Catholic University students who major in social work. We are delighted to collaborate with Ukrainian Catholic University committed to academic excellence and fostering individual responsibility for social change.


Girls Empower Workshops for Teenage Girls from the Orphanages

Sublimitas’ volunteer Mia (a traveling nurse in the US) visited Ukraine to design and facilitate Girls Empower workshops for teenage girls at a summer camp in Ukraine. Girls Empower workshops were a tremendous success. The workshops addressed such issues as hygiene, puberty, harmful habits, reproduction and pregnancy, STDs, peer pressure and social media, relationships, self-image, and self-esteem.  At Sublimitas, we strongly believe that through education we can create social change in the world. We are committed to inspiring and empowering disadvantaged children and youth to develop their potential through education, and we look forward to implementing more initiatives in 2016 and onwards! If you have any questions about Sublimitas and ways to get involved, please do not hesitate to contact Alla Korzh at

Alla Korzh.

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