Tamika Knows Victory

Tamika Harden is a close companion of victory. Since the age of sixteen, she’s learned that one can change what attempts to shatter his/her self-worth. Now, using the lessons learned from her childhood struggles and triumphs, her aim is to help others do the same.

Harden is a passionate life coach and personal trainer. Growing up in South Jamaica, Queens, Harden faced the harsh realities of inner-city violence and drug abuse. Her mother’s strength and perseverance shielded Harden from being swept up by the waves of her environment. Still, the streams of childhood obesity flooded her early teenage years. Harden didn’t run from the storm. Neither did she ride the waves. She swam right through the current and right to the solutions.

At sixteen, she lost 40 lbs with the help of Lucille Roberts Health Club. Shortly after, they hired her to supervise the allotted facility. By the age of nineteen, she gave back by helping other women revolutionize their bodies.

After overcoming her own battles, Harden became a life coach in 2017. She desired to create a program that would target and strengthen the interaction of our minds and bodies, thus BodyByTamika was birthed.

BodyByTamika is a standout program that empowers people to love themselves inside and out. You can choose from a variety of options to transform your body for the better.

It isn’t just about exercise at BodyByTamika. There are progressive spa services and gratifying products to compliment the overall package BodyByTamika has to offer. Indulge yourself by melting away your pounds via wood sculpting. For those who crave a more rapid transformation, try the 8-week makeover challenge!

BodyByTamika has partnered with the Carol Maraj Foundation, which provides supportive services to youth mentoring programs and survivors of domestic violence.

Beautiful, and passionate about her work, Harden is also realistic about embracing other solutions for body work. She is an advocate for plastic surgeries and cosmetic alterations:

“It’s okay to seek surgery and aesthetic alterations. However, I wanted to teach one how to be healthy from the inside-out, first…” *
(BronxNet 2019)

Tamika Harden has used her platform in the most advantageous and motivational ways. Mind and body, Harden used her narrative as a tool to aid others. She invigorates people to love themselves from within and outward. Her platform and heartfelt motive leaves trails of countless victories that will lead to a legacy if she keeps this up. We hope she does.

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