The Art Of Jewelry. Cantamessa

«The light of a jewel is able to bring out the beauty and personality of [any] woman» – Fabrizio Cantamessa says.

I recently went to Cantasmessa to look at their contemporary jewelry. I know my knowledge of fine jewelry is limited but my eye for beauty is strong.

After one look at the Canatmessa collection, I knew I was staring at pure light and luxurious art.

I couldn’t help it but try on a few of the pieces. Immediately I started to feel like my heart was shining through every jewel. My personality suddenly became elegant and sophisticated. Even after I took the jewelry off, I still felt the glowing hum of fine-tuned elegance radiate where the jewelry had touched my skin.

One of the minds and owners behind Cantamessa jewelry, is non-other than the luxury connoisseur himself, Robert Kheit. Robert was born in Odessa, Ukraine in a fortunate aristocratic family. Robert has always had a background of beauty and being chic, which he attributes to his attractive and fashionable grandmother.


Cantamessa will always stay true to the art of jewelry and the exclusivity that it brings to those who wear it.

I absolutely love your collection(s). The elegant finesse of your designs truly focuses on the male and female forms. Where do you continue to find your drive for ideas and business innovations?

The ideas, I don’t know, they come just naturally. Sometimes you are searching and they don’t come, and sometimes they come in your dreams. My ideas are not planned, and sometime they don’t come on regular basis. Sometimes I have a lot of ideas in one day and sometimes we are in a crisis for ideas.


There are many forms and functions for jewelry these days; ranging from functional watches, artistic display and social status jewelry such as a wedding ring. Where does Cantamessa fit?

First of all, we are very unique in the market, and the company follows our own trend. We do not follow trends – we create our own trends. We were featured in the Sotheby’s magazine, “Au Courant” in 2000, where we were named one of the top ten major contemporary designers in the world. Five or six pieces were auctioned in Geneva, and they all sold in one day.

What direction would you like to take the future company?


One thing for sure is that we don’t want to be anywhere close to becoming commercial. We want to stay in our little niche, staying true to our customers who appreciate the art of jewelry.

The company started in 1939 and it focused on creating jewelry for royalties and individuals such as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

The commercial side, from 1939-2009, was often asked to be subcontractors for names such as Bulgari and Cartier. Only the very lavish unique, distinctive pieces were made under the Cantamessa name. When I bought the company I finished all those contracts so that our sole focus would be on the art and exclusivity of our Cantamessa pieces.

Tell us a little about the process of making the jewelry.
I’ve read that some innovative brands are starting to make jewelry with 3D printers.

Oh no! I will show you a piece that exists in our collection that cannot be repeated. Let’s say to make this piece it will have to start with the stones (because they all need to be calibrated). A lot of jewelers look at our pieces and they have no idea how we have done it.


How long would you say it takes to make a piece?

It depends. This piece, six to seven weeks and one of our rings takes about two and a half months. Some have 3,000 stones and they all have to be set separately.

Christina Klessig.

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