The It Girl – May Noe


May Noe, Miss Asia Pacific World 2014, fashion model, Maybelline It Girl, music artist and actress.

Young Burmese beauty, May Noe, won the Miss Asia Pacific 2014 title when she was only 15 years old. A big scandal followed her grand accomplishment, but nonetheless, May is not only beautiful on the outside, winner of Next Top Model, and the IT Girl of Maybelline cosmetics, she is also a very charming, humble young lady with many talents and a very kind heart.

May sings, acted in more than ten movies so far and she is an international celebrity fashion model.

May please tell us abut your childhood, family, and how did it all start for you?

I’ve always loved being in front of camera since I was three years old. Regardless of my passion for the arts, I like playing sports. I played field hockey in school when I was studying in Singapore, and when I returned to Myanmar in 2013, I joined a local singing competition and that’s where it all started. After this competition, I did a few television commercials, magazines covers and a few runways. That was basically how I got into this industry.


You won the Miss Asia Pacific title, and then soon after, that big scandal fell upon you, please tell us what happened and how do you feel about all this drama in your life?

I won Miss Asia Pacific World 2014 in South Korea, and a few months after the reign,

the organization invited me back to South Korea to pursue my career as a Kpop artist, as it was the prize for winning the contest, and that is the main reason why I participated in the first place. However, instead of doing what they were supposed to do, they were urging me to undergo plastic surgery, putting pressure on me and my family to reach out to potential sponsors on our own, in both Korea and Japan. Therefore, standing up for my rights, I refused and I returned back to Myanmar. That’s when they announced my dethroning and started publishing false facts.

I stood up for myself, calling a press conference, and I fought for my crown. Gratefully, truth and kindness always wins over evil rumors.

I am glad I went through all this drama, in fact, it made me a better, stronger and more mature person that I am today. It has taught me so many lessons about trust, standing up for my rights, and learning a lot about responsibilities.

You sing and act, do you have any formal vocal or acting training? What school(s) do you attend? What is your dream?

Interestingly, I didn’t have any formal training. Perhaps, I was born with it. My dream is to progress in my work, as a vocalist, actress and a model, until I will be recognized internationally, and my biggest reward will be when I will know that people admire me for my work. Every day I work hard, and I feel like there’s no end to learning just yet. My goal in life is not only to grow in my career, but to also become a better person, every day doing what I love, being kind and improving myself each day.

You are almost 18 years old now, and you already acted in so many movies, which one is your favorite?

I’ve played in almost 17 Myanmar movies, acting as 17 different characters. I love

acting, especially where I have to play a role that has nothing to do with the real me. This challenges me and gives me opportunity to grow as an actress.

My favorite movie, Dinner, is where I played a mad girlfriend of a serial killer. It was the most difficult role, but thanks to my director, Nyo Min Lwin, I worked hard and made it happen to everyone’s satisfaction including my own.

I met you and your family for this interview and when we shot the cover for InLove magazine, I noticed that you’re very close with your mom, and it looks like you guys are always together. How does your mom support you? What kind of connection do you guys share?

I’m really close to my mother. She’s always supporting me in everything I do. She’s the only reason I am able to go through difficult times. She means the world to me, and she’s my idol.

Being such a vivid fashion girl, Maybelline’s IT girl and everything else, what do you like about fashion? Who is your favorite fashion icon and why?

I love fashion because it helps open my mind. I love clothes, and wearing beautiful fashion makes me feel good about myself. They don’t have to be high-end designer brands, it’s just that I love coordinating my own style.

My favorite fashion icon is Yves Saint Laurent. I love his work.


Where would you like to live, and what do you think about New York City?

I would love to live in New York one day. To me it’s the center of the world, and it is where everything is happening.

Besides singing, acting and modeling, what do you love to do on your free time?

I love reading, and I read a lot. I go to the gym and I play sports: basketball or soccer. I like and watch a lot of movies.

What does being in love means to you? Romantic love? Family love, love for life?

Being in love means being happy, and in romantic love, it means to be with that special person forever, even if the world is ending.

Elle Taylor.
Photo by Vital Agibalow
Makeup by Kate Romanoff
Hair by Junya Nakashima
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