We Are Inlove With Art

New Jersey based artist, Cecilia Martinez has always had a love for the arts, especially the written word. She is an established and published writer and poet, with her work being recognized all over the world, from New York to the Philippines. But it wasn’t until her father’s unexpected death as a result of a homicide in September 2015 that she became completely immersed in the visual arts as a therapeutic outlet and a form of self-expression to cope with his loss. While still relatively new to the art scene, she has already has had her work exhibited in a number of venues since October 2016, including LITM, Issyra Gallery in Hoboken, and 107 Bowers Gallery and Artspace, as well as at the Flagship Gallery as part of last year’s Jersey City Arts and Studio Tour.

Cecilia’s Exhibitions:


Arthouse Productions – Snowball, Alice in Outer Space and We Are All Mad Here, January 2018

LITM – Be Still My Heart, Wretched Hearts, February 2018

Project Greenville – What’s Inside That Counts, Hooked, February 2018

Barrow Mansion – Art and the Holi, Spring Serenity, March 2018

LITM – Women’s Future Month, Yellow Fever and Material Hypothesis

City Hall – Women’s History Month, Baby Self Portrait and Pop Self Portrait

107 Bowers Gallery – Show Me Your Heritage!, Abuelita with Mango, April 2018

Drawing Rooms – Colors of the Rainbow, June 2018

LITM – Neon Vision, For Sale (By Owner), June 2018

City Hall— Degrees of Abstraction, June 2018

LITM— Life’s a Beach, LITM


The Raven Gallery – Nevermore, Death Becomes Her, January 2017

107 Bowers Gallery – Superwoman!, Superwoman 2, March 2017

Rotunda Gallery, City Hall – Janis Joplin, March 2017

Vito Lofts, Jersey City – Art as Meditation, May 2017

Project Greenville – Time Flies (When You Are Having Fun!), June 2017

Hamilton Street Gallery – Later, Rinse, Repeat, September 2017

Jersey City Theater Center – FEAR!, September 2017

Project Greenville – Best Foot Forward, September 2017

Historic Barrow Mansion – Motion, Emotion, October 2017

Nimbus Dance Works Gallery – The Exquisite Corpse Show, October 2017

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church – Loving Arms, October 2017

LITM – In Galaxy Far, Far Away, November 2017

107 Bowers Gallery and Artspace – Small Wonders, December 2017

Project Greenville – Winter Wonderland, December 2017


LITM – Through the Looking Glass, October 2016

Flagship Gallery for JCAST 2016 – Pieces of Me, October 2016

LITM – Americana, Modern Nose Art three piece collection, November 2016

Issyra Gallery – Socialment, seven spiritual art pieces, November 2016

Project Greenville – Winter Wonderland, Aunt Clara’s Christmas Gift, December 2016

Deep Space Gallery – Gigantic Miniature Extravaganza, three small pieces, December 2016


Finalist – Fragmented International Juried Competition, ArtScene Today, “Broken Mirrors,” 2017


Artwork featured in a segment on Aljazeera International TV – http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2017/10/loving-arms-exhibit-showcase-gun-culture-171023111515163.html

Featured Artist of the Month, Phoenix Gallery NYC — http://www.phoenix-gallery.com/cecilia-martinez.html

Artwork featured in a segment on Jersey City TV – https://youtu.be/GnkB3oLMThA


Superwoman! Artist Talk, March 2017