We Are Inlove With VASO!

For those who have yet to experience it, Dublin is a charming suburb that rests just outside of Columbus, Ohio. Famous for their St. Patrick’s Day parade and 4th of July festivities, this quaint city, which is now nearing a population of 50,000, is a hub of excitement and enchantment for all who venture in.

In a township that offers everything from ghost tours to golf c
lubs – Jack Nicklaus’ Muirfield Village Golf Club hosts the PGA Tour’s Memorial Tournament there every spring – it’s no wonder Dublin found itself on The New York Times list of 52 Places to Go in 2019.

Even though it’s the second largest city in the Midwest, Dublin remains a gem hidden in a spot where most are least likely to look for treasure. The bars, restaurants, and shops are uniquely detailed. Clever cocktails, tasty dishes, and friendly locals weave together a tapestry that brings the city to life in a colorful fashion.

Dublin welcomes you in to learn about its rich history and enjoy its many pubs. Once inside, you get to dive into exquisite cuisine and specialty spirits. Watershed Distillery, is helmed by Executive Chef, Jack Moore. Apart from Watershed’s distinctively delectable dishes, their gin is at the top of the list of must-try things while in the area. Watershed’s Four Peel Gin, has also helped VASO develop some of their own signature specialties.

VASO is the rooftop bar and lounge, located at the AC Hotel Columbus Dublin. Resting on top of the gorgeous eight-story hotel, VASO boasts the same charm as the city itself. It’s beautiful, modern, intriguing and entirely captivating.

VASO is an experience that brings in guests from all over the world – including its own executive chef. Chef David Belknap found his way to Dublin from New York by way of Mexico. He was a prominent chef in New York City, working with the likes of Thomas Keller, before leaving it all behind for a life in Mexico.

It was there that he found everything from inspiration to love. As the luck of Dublin would have it, Belknap would return to his native state, just in time to step in as the executive chef at VASO.
Orcun Turkay, AC Hotel Columbus Dublin’s general manager, works hand in hand with Belknap and others, ensuring their guests have some unforgettable moments. While the views itself are stunning, the atmosphere and food offer an equally scintillating experience.

A chic and modern motif makes for a fun environment. When weather permits, you can dine in life-sized igloos outside. Yes, igloos. Gorgeous views of the Scioto River and downtown Dublin enhance the experience even more. VASO is a gem hidden inside of a city full of treasures.

The menu is subject to change, but each season packs a delicious assortment of treats. When we were there, we fell INLOVE with the Hummus Verde, the Smoked Tuna Ceviche, Crispy Garlic Olives, and Zambuinas – seared Bristol scallops, picadillo de faro, and smoked tomato jam. The dessert course was just as magnificent.

While the menu evolves, the sheer deliciousness of every bite remains the same. The quality and care that goes into every dish also carry over into the cocktails. VASO’s cocktails are spectacularly unique. You can walk into any bar from New York to Los Angeles, and your taste buds will still forever crave what you found at VASO.

The VASO gin and tonic is like nothing you’ve ever seen, or tasted, before. The baby’s breath adds an extra special touch. Their creative bar artisans work tirelessly to concoct the most inventive drinks that come with some pretty inspired names. Each is almost like a work of art. When paired with the proper dish, you are looking at a dining experience crafted to ensure not only a full stomach but a happy heart.

Sari Cohen