What To Do In NYC During The Holiday Season

If you’re in New York searching for an alluring date night, or just a night full of unpredictable events, that will leave you thunderstruck, follow us to the McKittrick Hotel.

Starting with dinner at the rooftop hideaway, Gallow Green is where you will get a feel of the voyage that awaits you, right from the entrance. Outfitted as a Scottish train station overgrown by a lush and whimsical secret garden, the open-air space offers protection from the elements to make your dining experience unforgettable-from the vibe, to the culinary masterpieces. Gallow Green’s handcrafted cocktails, signature punches and seasonal cuisine is cozy, sexy and remarkable. During the winter season, Gallow Green is transformed into a Scottish lodge, and the summer nights on the rooftop are magical and indelible. The ambiance is intimate yet exhilarating in its own right. The soulful live jazz performances, delectable food and intoxicating atmosphere will tug you in for more.

On the menu, prepared by the hotel’s executive chef Pascal Le Seac’h, are delicious sharing plates, perfect to explore together. Devilled eggs with caviar, wild mushroom ravioli, fish and chips, and duck shepherd’s pie are among my favorites.

My preferred cocktail by far is their signature Sleep No More, with pea flower-infused vodka, elderflower and rosé cider. It will definitely kickstart your evening. The White Widow-tequila, maté soda and l’Orgeat with zesty grapefruit and kaffir lime-and Honey Pot-refreshing gin, cucumber, honeydew, honey and soda-are amazing as well.

The McKittrick Hotel is a five-story pseudo-hotel (warehouse) with oddball settings and bars. It’s known for hosting the immersive and proactive Sleep No More, a site-specific work of theatre created by British theatre company Punchdrunk. It is a fusion of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth, inspiration from various noir films by Alfred Hitchcock and some references to the 1697 Paisley witch trials. Each room has a set that invigorates and exudes passion. The heavy influence of the 1930s makes the emprise of this show rewarding. You and your date will be wearing masks as you venture throughout each room, piecing the story together, while blending with the actors and guests at the same time. The entire show experience is dark and silent. There aren’t too many words uttered in Sleep No More, which pulls the audience to really lock into the actors and sets, allowing you feel a part of it all.

After walking through the hotel and experiencing Shakespeare’s Macbeth era, you come through to the lounge to finish your evening of fanciful fun by sipping forbidden Absinthe. Your ears will perk up to the phenomenal jazz right in front of you, in an intimate atmosphere.

With Sleep No More’s unpredictable production and Green Gallows’ sexy dining, the McKittrick Hotel experience will give you a summer night you’ll never forget.


Jasmine Farrell