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You’re never fully dressed without a smile, Dr. Martin

Dr. Martin Rabinovich: “I love the relationships you build with patients and families over the frequency of treatment visits. Orthodontics is unique compared to other dental specialties.”

Dr. Martin Rabinovich’s newly-opened practice in central New Jersey is along the Jersey Shore in a beautiful town called Shrewsbury. The Monmouth County location is near where he grew up in Marlboro, New Jersey, with his family.

Dr. Rabinovich can pinpoint the moment he fell in love with his profession. He was already in dental school. He was being exposed to different specialties but found himself drawn to the fun and upbeat feel of an orthodontics office. “There is no better feeling than taking braces off your patient and revealing a smile that you put your signature on that changed a person’s life,” he explained while reflecting on his journey.

Dr. Rabinovich completed his undergraduate and graduate dental education at Rutgers University in 2011 and 2015. He then traveled west to complete his orthodontic specialty training at the University of Colorado, graduating in 2018. The following week after graduation, he drove back to New Jersey to live his dream of creating beautiful smiles in his home state.

“I think for most students pursuing dentistry, the goal is to have your own practice,” Dr. Rabinovich said. “I think the culmination of my personality and playing competitive sports growing up gave me a passion for leading and being part of a team; to accomplish goals. I take tremendous pride in leading a team, creating a vibrant, lasting, and exceptional culture to create healthy, picture-perfect smiles that can change a person’s life.”


Dr. Rabinovich wants to provide the utmost care for his patients, so he focuses on creating a personal experience for them from their first consultation phone call to their last appointment delivering retainers. In his practice, he develops and offers a customized patient treatment plan to address his patients’ needs and goals. While his goal as an orthodontist is ensuring proper function and alignment of the teeth and jaw – which allows for creating a healthy, attractive smile and facial structure – he finds joy in the limitless creativity of his profession. Having such an enormous impact on an individual’s life is a privilege he recognizes daily.

“I believe a beautiful, attractive smile, complemented with healthy teeth and a healthy bite goes a long way,” Dr. Rabinovich added. “Orthodontics can establish balance, harmony, and symmetry when utilized as a child’s facial structure grows and develops. A healthy and attractive smile underpins the psychosocial importance of a kid’s self-esteem, confidence, and personality, all traits fundamental to an individual’s social well-being. Transforming a smile can provide a child with confidence and self-assurance. It allows them to excel in many aspects of life growing up, whether in school, social settings, athletics, or informed decision-making.”

At MHR Ortho, every patient is treated like family. The quality of care in every aspect, from orthodontics to patient care, is first-class. “I think it is critical for my patients to be well-educated through every level of their orthodontic care, starting from diagnosis to finishing at the retainers stage,” he tells INLOVE. MHR Ortho uses the latest orthodontic technology and techniques to deliver personalized, custom orthodontic care. In addition, their staff is highly trained, caring, and empathetic to everyone who walks through their door. “I strive to deliver outstanding treatment results in the most effective, efficient, properly time-managed manner,” Dr. Rabinovich said.

“It is a special feeling to practice and provide healthcare in the area where you grew up,” he noted. “I feel interwoven and connected with the community. I grew up playing ice hockey at the Red Bank Armory down the street. I spend countless celebrations at the local restaurants down Broad St. in Red Bank. It means a lot to create special memories and impact the area that so positively impacted me.”

For Dr. Rabinovich, it’s a reminder that hard work always pays off. “I have been blessed to be surrounded by so many wise and intelligent people that constantly give words of wisdom,” he explained. “Graduating from dental school and becoming a practice owner is what many dentists or specialists strive for. Our oral health is a window to our overall systemic health. By aligning our teeth and bite, we set the stage.”


Words by Sari Cohen

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