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Q: What has your journey been like in the entertainment industry?

I’ve had an incredibly fortunate run in the industry so far. I’ve learned from very talented people, and have gathered the loveliest circle of friends.

Q: How do you think growing up in New York has shaped you?

Growing up in New York gave me wonderful memories, the coolest place to call home, and a very fun accent that only reappears in Queens.

Q: Tell me about your love for dance and how you’ve gotten to combine your creative passions over the years?

I grew up dancing. My mom made sure the moment I could move I was taking classes, so it’s something I’ve always done. I’ve been really lucky to work on projects that have asked me to dance in one way or another. It’s always a fun surprise when I get to combine acting and dance.

Q: What is it about comedy that has the power to heal?

Comedy can be an incredible distraction when you need it. Just like all art forms, it’s what we turn to for some healthy escape. Personally, any time I’m in a bad mood or feeling down, whoever notices ushers me to the movies, knowing that’s what’ll make me feel better (mainly my mama ). It’s just a natural human reaction; art is a comforter. When that art can make you laugh of all things, it can be particularly healing.

Q: Tell me about an actor you’ve worked with who has changed your life?

My cast-mates on Mr. Iglesias have seriously adjusted my view of the industry and what relationships with fellow actors can/should be for the better. I love those people so hard.


Q: “The Sleepover” debuted on Netflix this August. Tell me about your character. What is it about the feature that you think audiences are going to enjoy most?

My character, Mim, is one of the kids on this wild little adventure. She spends the entire film terrified and/or wearing a yellow beret.  There’s a ton of action in this movie, and I think it’ll be a super fun, unexpected feature that audiences will really enjoy.

Q: “Mr. Iglesias” released new episodes on Netflix in June. What do fans who haven’t watched yet have to look forward to in the second season?

In the second season we dive into the kid’s storylines a little further, so you see a bit more of the students and their relationships, which we all had a lot of fun with on set.

Q: You are also a big advocate for social justice. What kind of role do you think social media plays in raising awareness for a cause?

I certainly haven’t earned the title of a true advocate, but social justice and anti-racism is definitely something I’m committed to educating myself on and fighting for as best as I can. Social media is an incredibly powerful tool, and one of the main ways the majority of people learn about injustices and the recourses available to engage with (myself included). It’s the responsibility of those lucky enough to have a platform to use it for the causes that deserve attention.

Q: What do you love most about getting to do what you do?

Acting can mean long hours and hard work, but at the core of it all, it’s really just play. We get to be creative and collaborate and make believe and play. It’s a gift. I’m incredibly grateful that what I get to do is such a genuinely good time.

Q: Is there anything we didn’t cover that you’d like to add?

In a time in which we’re becoming more involved in a movement we all should have been part of a long time ago, and work it is our responsibility to do, I encourage everyone to bring respectful but thorough anti-racism and Black Lives Matter conversations to your own circles. Family, friends, and people you work with! Let’s educate each other! Let’s make change around ourselves. We can all do better. Let’s get to work.


Sari Cohen

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