Discovering the Magic of Schladming: A Journey for the Senses in Austria’s Alpine Wonderland

Nestled in the heart of Austria, Schladming is a gem waiting to be discovered. This enchanting town, along with its neighboring areas of Rohrmoos, Pichl, Planai, Hochwurzen, and Reiteralm, offers a symphony of experiences that invigorate the senses and rejuvenate the soul.

A Journey Through Nature’s Splendor
Imagine yourself ascending the majestic Planai, breathing in the crisp mountain air as you hike or ski, depending on the season. The journey doesn’t end there; it takes you through the serene landscapes of Hochwurzen and Reiteralm, where each turn reveals a new vista more breathtaking than the last.

Schladming is not just about scenic beauty; it’s an adventure in itself. It challenges you to scale new heights, literally and figuratively. Whether you’re paragliding from a mountaintop, exploring the depths of a mountain, or navigating the wild waters, Schladming promises an adrenaline rush like no other.

A Feast for the Senses
But it’s not all about the thrill. Schladming is also a place to relax and indulge. Let your taste buds revel in the local cuisine, a blend of traditional flavors and innovative culinary art. The fragrances of the lush, pure nature are a balm for the city-weary soul.
The visual feast is endless – from the awe-inspiring mountain peaks to the quaint charm of the town. And then there’s the sound – the laughter and chatter of people enjoying themselves, the peaceful silence of nature, and the occasional cowbell in the distance.
Schladming, renowned for its world-class skiing, is home to the Planai, arguably the best skiing resort in the region. The Planai is a skier’s paradise, offering a diverse range of slopes that cater to both beginners and seasoned professionals. It’s not just the quality of the snow or the variety of the trails that makes Planai exceptional; it’s the whole atmosphere. The resort boasts state-of-the-art lift systems and excellent amenities, ensuring a comfortable and efficient skiing experience. Beyond the slopes, the Planai is a hub of vibrant après-ski activities, where the energy is infectious and the memories are made off-piste. The panoramic mountain views serve as a majestic backdrop, making every turn a picturesque moment. Whether you’re carving down the well-groomed runs or enjoying a hot drink in a cozy mountain hut, the Planai at Schladming provides an unforgettable skiing experience that resonates with every enthusiast.

Culinary Extravaganza
Schladming, celebrated for its delightful food scene. Traditional Austrian cuisine here is characterized by hearty, comforting dishes that are deeply rooted in the local culture and agricultural heritage. Visitors are often greeted with the warm aromas of freshly baked breads, like the iconic Bauernbrot, a dense, flavorful farmer’s bread. The town’s eateries pride themselves on serving classics such as Wiener Schnitzel, tender veal or pork cutlets breaded and fried to golden perfection, and Kasnocken, a delectable cheesy noodle dish reminiscent of macaroni and cheese but with a distinct Alpine twist. Desserts are a serious affair in Schladming, with mouthwatering options like Apfelstrudel, a spiced apple-filled pastry, and Kaiserschmarrn, a fluffy, shredded pancake, both offering a sweet end to any meal. In Schladming, every dish is a celebration of local flavors and traditional cooking methods, providing a culinary journey that’s as unforgettable as the town’s alpine vistas.

A Touch of Magic
There’s something intangible about Schladming that touches the heart. It’s in the warmth of its people, their traditions and stories, and their love for their land. It’s a place where you can find joy in the simple things – a beautiful view, a delicious meal, a warm smile.

Embrace Schladming
Schladming isn’t just a destination; it’s an experience, a journey of discovery. It’s about finding joy in the small moments, pushing your limits, and coming back with stories to tell and memories to cherish. It’s a place that stays with you long after you’ve left, calling you back to its mountains and valleys.
In Schladming, you don’t just visit; you feel, taste, hear, and see. You live.

Words by Elle Taylor.

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