Austin Mahone fans (aka“Mahomies”) have a lot to be excited about. We’ve seen


Austin Mahone fans (aka“Mahomies”) have a lot to be excited about. We’ve seen the singer bounce back in a big way in2019. Back in February, “Why don’t we,” penned by Charlie Puth, thrust Mahone back into the spotlight.“Anxious,” followed in April. In June, he released “Dancing With Nobody,” which became a favorite summertime anthem. Fans are calling the up-tempo romantic track, one of his most intoxicating songs to date. Mahone may have gotten his start years ago on YouTube, captivating audiences with his Justin Bieber and Jason Mrazcovers, but it’s his originality that has earned the pop star such a dedicated fan base. From hit singles to star-studded collaborations, the23-year-old has carved out a niche for himself in every aspect of the entertainment industry.“My fans have been with me for so long that we’ve actually grown up together,”

Austin Mahone tells INLOVE Magazine. “It’s always inspiring to see when they post online about getting their dream job getting into their dream school, or just figuring out who they are – and what they want in their lives. To see the progression firsthand of someone who cares for you and supports you is really incredible.”


Mahone’s advice: “Be kind to others! Love yourself! Drink water! And keep your ears
peeled for new music!” We’re assuming that new music will be coming from him.

Sari: This summer, everybody was super excited about “Dancing With Nobody.” What was your favorite part about everyone’s reactions to the song?

Austin Mahone: The reactions have been great. I love seeing the videos people post of themselves dancing or singing along to the song in the car; that’s
always dope to see.

Sari: Even though it’s upbeat, the song is really a romantic love story. What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done in the name of love?

AM: The most romantic thing I’ve done in the name of love is when I wrote a song for my girlfriend at the time and then recorded our road trip to see my family and turned it into a little music video for her.



Sari: Your love of fashion seems to be an extension of your artistry. What inspires your style?

AM: I draw inspiration from a lot of different places, but I would say I’m most influenced by my surroundings. My style is definitely reflected in where I am and what I’m doing. My Miami boat look is going to be different from my street style look while exploring Tokyo.

Sari: Working with so many great artists, did you ever have a moment that left you totally starstruck?

AM: The only real time I’ve been starstruck is when I met George Strait in Vegas. Throughout my entire life he’s always been this legendary figure to me, so meeting him in person was pretty surreal.

Sari: Do you remember the moment when you knew your music was having a positive influence in other people’s lives?

AM: I don’t remember an exact moment, but I’m always reminded when my fans share with me how my music has helped them get through a hard time. Every time I hear these stories from fans I get to meet in person or from messages online, it just reminds me that this is why I do it; this is what it’s all about.


Sari: I know your musical inspiration comes from different genres. Could you ever see yourself doing a song that is a total departure from the pop world and just going all-out country or R&B?

AM: Absolutely. I’ve done it before. I have a bunch of R&B songs online, and some of my songs that are just acoustic have a little more of a country sound. While they’re not necessarily my most popular songs, they definitely are fan favorites. Sari: How would you describe your love of music?

AM: It’s almost indescribable, honestly. At times, music can be an escape for me; it’s a beautiful art form that requires a lot of hard work and patience to really master.

Sari: 2019 has already been such a huge year for you. What can we expect for the rest of this year?

AM: I’m headlining my first arena show in Japan!I’m really looking forward to that. It’s going to be so amazing! Sari: What is beyond 2019? Do you see yourself branching out into worlds outside of music and fashion?

AM: Beyond 2019? I definitely want to keep focusing on my music, so I don’t know if I see myself branching too far out from that anytime soon, but I would love to keep doing photography and to explore the acting world.

Sari Cohen

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