Get To Know The Beverly Hills Sculptress Shea Kaplan is known as the “Beverly

Get To Know The Beverly Hills Sculptress

Shea Kaplan is known as the “Beverly Hills Sculptress.” The world-renowned certified beauty expert uses her artistry to sculpt faces, getting them back to their youthful, radiant glow. Located in the heart of Beverly Hills, Shea’s clients include some of Hollywood’s top celebrities, along with Southern California’s most elite figures. She harnesses her passion, and her skill, tapping into anti-aging remedies that help others rediscover their youth.

“My overall goal is to make women look and feel their best,” she tells INLOVE Magazine. “To emit positive energy while they keep their internal glow radiating.” Shea chose this path so that she could enrich women’s lives. “I believe women to be beautiful creatures, both inside and out. Sometimes a woman’s inner beauty is not being expressed outwardly. When their inner and outer beauty is in sync, a woman feels empowered. She is her most sexy, sensual, and confident self,” she explained. “I feel strongly, in my practice, that women of all ages can live their truest self; embodying these simples’ basic practices. I have succeeded in being a motivating factor in helping women achieve this. My unique exclusive practice provides a space for women to embrace and enlighten all aspects of their life, focusing on outward beauty with all anti-aging remedies, but never losing sight of sustaining their inner beauty.”

Shea runs a very private, beautifully renovated medical practice in the city of Beverly Hills. “My patients wanted to have a sense of privacy and exclusivity,” she detailed. “While I am an expert in my field and known to my celebrity clientele, as the ‘Beverly Hills Sculptress,’ it is my true passion to make every woman who walks into my practice feel and be the best she can so that they can radiate their feminine beauty.”

“The Beverly Hills Sculptress” also has a selective line of age-defying and anti-aging care products that she offers to her clients, which have propriety ingredients that restores and maintains youthful skin. “They have all been clinically tested and proven to turn back the clock,” Shea conveyed. “I have used only my skincare products exclusively since I started this luxury line over five years ago, and it has changed the quality of my skin.  My skin has a daily glow and effervescence.”

The Ever-Evolving Industry

The beauty industry is always evolving. Shea has made a promise to all of her patients and clients to stay on top of the cutting-edge technology and advances in the industry. My new favorite skin treatment is my ‘24 Carat Gold Ampoule,’” she revealed. “It gets my clients red carpet-ready with no downtime. This is a customizable, minimally invasive skin treatment that delivers microdroplets of age-defying, skin-plumping, and lightening agents to give your skin an instant glow and luminance.”

Trends in L.A.

“I am proud to be a trendsetter in the global anti-aging industry for nearly 20 years,” Shea says. “Beverly Hills is the pinnacle for maintaining youth and beauty.  The trend we see now is moving toward graceful aging and away from the overly ‘done’ look. There are so many minimal and non- invasive procedures that can restore aged skin as well as maintain already juvenile skin from aging. Candescent skin signifies health and vitality.”




Recommended Treatments

A Skype phone call can go a long way with Shea. “I will personally tailor a daily skincare regime that incorporates the latest restorative active ingredients to maintain the youthful luster of your childhood skin,” she offered. Having a curated treatment plan that addresses your own needs and wants is the quintessential way to assure satisfaction.

The Future of Aesthetics

“This lies in ageing gracefully and acceptingly,” Shea stated. “Meaning that it is okay to age; we all do.  However, being proactive and engaging in preventative measures is vital. I love keeping things soft, natural, highlighted, and beautiful.”

“Beauty is energy,” she continued. “It is given off when a woman expresses confidence, femininity, and vitality. Beauty is unique to every one of us. Expressing self-love is beautiful. What I love most about what I do is empowering women to be the best, most extraordinary version of themselves. Beauty is when you truly appreciate yourself and keep your eternal warmth radiating.”

“The Beverly Hills Sculptress” is currently in the process of formulating the greatest anti-ageing secrets of her entire career. “Unfortunately, I am unable to disclose anything about these innovative products and techniques just yet,” she said. “I am looking forward to sharing these latest advances with INLOVE Magazine readers as they roll out.  Stay tuned.”

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