Summer 2022 – Issue no. 27


This issue celebrates optimism, positivity, hope, and joy, setting a beautiful mood for INLOVE’s summer edition.

The benevolent energy of this issue connects all of us and reflects the general theme which springs from a loving heart. Anne Frank said, “No one has ever become poor by giving.”

This summer issue is about generosity, well-being, and adventure. It’ll give you a taste of the great outdoors, some new destinations, culinary experiences, and a look at some exciting and remarkable people – all chosen for those who get inspired by unique experiences.

Discover moments that call back to a time of beautiful childhood memories of fantastical stories brought to life through the pages of INLOVE.

Ana de la Reguera is at the heart of so many fan favorites. With projects such as “Army of the Dead,” “Narcos,” “Goliath,” and currently “Ana” – the eponymous bilingual comedy created, produced, written, and starring the Veracruz-born beauty – de la Reguera proves that the secret to success is authenticity.

As Jason Blossom in The CW’s “Riverdale,” Trevor Stines has won the hearts of the show’s most dedicated fans. In his recent film, “Evan Wood,” Stines stars opposite Charlotte Louise Spencer and Alex Sorian Brown, playing Josh Richards – a character richly layered and filled with surprises.

Being INLOVE with summer has always been about the aspirational, about taking our readers to places both real and imaginary. As we celebrate the season, we are keen to create memorable moments that make these months even more enchanting.

Along with the renewed optimism that we tend to approach the summer season comes the vows we make to be fitter, healthier, and generally new and improved versions of ourselves. We strive to inspire our readers to renew their vows to themselves and enjoy this special issue of INLOVE.

With that said, I wish you all a bountiful summer!

With Love,

Elena Vasilevsky


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