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Editors Picks- HOLIDAY GIFT IDEAS 2018

I love everything about the holidays: the festive vibe all around us, the

Editor’s Photo by Katherine Grigorieva, Gifts Photo: Anna TIm

Editor’s Photo by Katherine Grigorieva, Gifts Photo: Anna TIm


1. Blue enamel mandala design cufflinks by DUNHIL. Great gift for someone who appreciates little details that make a big difference. Can be purchased at

2. Blue enamel keychain by DUNHIL. He will think about you with gratitude every day when looking at this beautiful accessory.

3.Men’s watch by Zenith. It’s a statement piece for someone very special in your life.

4. Men’s watch by Zenith

5. Feather print Tie by Paul Smith. Perfect little something that makes a big statement.

6. Feather print pocket handkerchief by Paul Smith. Goes perfect with the feather print tie.

7. Credit Cardholder by Ted Baker. A great little accessory which is always useful to have.

8. Leather gloves by Ted Baker. Ahhh these are just a perfect winter luxury to have.

9. Dress-socks by Ted Baker. Perfect little stocking stuffer.

10. Atelier Cologne Holiday Gift Set. This gift is personalized, classy and very special.


1. Ladies two-tone watch by CHARRIOL. A very special gift for someone you adore.

2. Necklace by PIANEGONDA. A gift with style!

3. Flower Ring by GIORGIO VISCONTI. A beautiful gift she will treasure forever!
(white gold and diamonds

4. Flower Ring by GIORGIO VISCONTI. A beautiful gift she will treasure forever!
(white gold and diamonds)

5. Skin Care essentials set by SHEA. Perfect for someone who loves to be pampered. The Hollywood Sculptress created this set for a woman who wants to look and feel beautiful and youthful.

6. Women’s Pink ‘Pow’ Pattern Faux Fur Scarf by PAUL SMITH. It is a gorgeous accessory to wear with any outfit. Every woman loves a little pop of color to brighten her day.

7. COOLIFE NYC – a fragrance for him and her
(For Her: Le Sixieme Parfum, nurtured by the aura of the Third Eye Chakra, the vortex of wisdom that possesses the gift to see both our inner and outer worlds…)

(For Him: Le Troisieme Parfum, awakened the vital energies of the Solar Plexus Chakra, illuminates you from within, animating your strength, purpose and confidence.

8. Coach Crossbody Bag. Horses print and tassels, two-tone vintage style purse is a perfect gift for a true fashionista.

9. Paul Smith beanie in 100% lambswool. It is finished with a pink faux fur bobble. It’s a warm little something for every day. Great stocking stuffer.

10. Atelier Cologne “Café Tuberosa” Cologne Absolute (pure perfume) It is insanely delicious!

11. Coach x Rodarte Courier Crossbody bag. Limited Edition and perfect holiday bag for any occasion.

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