Grisha: Crafting Identity, Embracing Change

In an exclusive interview with INLOVE Magazine, Elle Taylor sits down with Grisha, a self-actualization specialist whose transformative journey from a bullied youngster named Gregory to an inspirational figure perfectly embodies the ethos of INLOVE. Our magazine, known for handpicking inspirational personalities, finds resonance in Grisha’s story, as it mirrors our commitment to showcasing narratives of resilience, self-discovery, and personal transformation. Grisha’s experience offers not just compelling insights but also serves as a roadmap for our readers and followers, inspiring them to explore and redefine their own identities.

Elle Taylor: Grisha, thank you for joining us. Your journey from Gregory to Grisha is quite profound. Could you share what sparked this transformation?

Grisha: Absolutely.  As a child, I struggled with fitting in and was often bullied. This experience pushed me into a dark place. At 17, I discovered the concept of self-actualization and made a conscious decision to leave Gregory behind, embracing Grisha as my true self. My transformation involved deeply reflecting on my values, ethics, and the kind of man I aspired to be.

ET: That’s a significant change. What role did your name change play in this transformation?

G: It was symbolic of me moving on from who I once was and moving forward with intention and conviction toward the version of myself I wanted to create. “Grisha” became symbolic of that vision and I decided to tattoo my name under my right eye but mirror flipped as a reminder to be that person. It acts as my north star. 

ET: You’ve developed a unique system, “The Who Is ___ System.” Can you elaborate on this?

G: This system is a reflection of my journey, yet it’s adaptable for anyone. It involves steps like Identification, Acceptance, Intuition, Intention, Individuation, and Realization. Each stage is designed to help individuals peel away layers of imposed identity and discover their authentic selves. It combines many modalities of psychology and spirituality and gives people the tools they need to pursue that ideal self. 

ET: You’re also the founder of ‘Do It Different.’ How does this platform contribute to your mission?

G: ‘Do It Different’ is my initiative to extend the principles of self-actualization beyond individual sessions. It includes lectures, masterclasses, and collaborations focusing on wellness. I envision it as a hub for all aspects of wellness, including digital content, retreats, and more.

ET: You’ve mentioned a focus on technology. How do you integrate this with your coaching?

G: Technology is a powerful tool for transformation. I work with parents and young adults, helping them use technology positively. It’s about showing the potential for growth and learning through these tools, rather than fearing them. 

Elle Taylor: Grisha, your story is a profound example of transformation and self-discovery. In this journey, is there a particular quote or mantra that has guided or inspired you?

Grisha: There’s one quote that has always resonated deeply with me: “The most creative act you will undertake is the act of creating yourself.” This quote encapsulates the essence of my journey and philosophy. It’s a reminder that our greatest work of art is our own life, and we have the power to shape it as we desire.

ET: That’s incredibly powerful. How has this quote influenced your approach with your clients and in your personal life?

Grisha: It’s been fundamental, it reminds me, and those I work with, that we are the artists of our own lives. In every decision, action, and belief, we have the opportunity to craft our identity and destiny. It’s about taking ownership and actively participating in the creation of our personal narrative.

Elle Taylor: Grisha, reflecting on your journey, if you could give advice to your younger self, let’s say a 7-year-old Grisha, what would it be?

Grisha: I would tell my 7-year-old self that it’s okay to be different. Embrace who you are, even if it doesn’t fit into the boxes others have created. I’d assure him that the challenges and bullying he faces are not reflections of his worth but opportunities to grow stronger and more compassionate. Most importantly, I’d tell him to hold onto his dreams, no matter how big they seem, because one day, those dreams will be the blueprint for his future.

ET: That’s incredibly heartening. How do you think this advice would have impacted you back then?

Grisha: I believe it would have given me a sense of confidence and peace. Knowing that it’s okay to be uniquely myself would have eased many of my struggles. It would have planted the seed of self-acceptance early on, which is something I had to learn over time. This advice, I think, would have been a guiding light through my early challenges.

Elle Taylor: Grisha, your story is truly inspirational. You’ve mentioned the importance of embracing change and self-discovery. Could you tell our readers the five things that you are in love with, based on your life experiences, and how they’ve shaped your journey?

  1. Self-Reflection: It’s the cornerstone of my transformation. Delving deep into my thoughts and emotions has helped me understand and love myself better. It’s a practice I cherish, as it continually guides me towards growth and self-awareness.
  2. Nature: There’s an undeniable connection and peace I find in nature. It’s where I feel most grounded and reminded of the beauty and simplicity of life. Nature has been a constant source of inspiration and rejuvenation for me.
  3. Learning: I am deeply in love with the process of learning – whether it’s about new cultures, philosophies, or skills. It has broadened my horizons and continuously shapes my perspective on life and personal development.
  4. Creativity: Be it through writing, speaking, or conceptualizing new ideas for my work, creativity is a passion. It allows me to express my inner world and connect with others in profound ways.
  5. Community: The relationships and connections I’ve built over the years are invaluable. I’ve learned so much from the people around me. The sense of belonging and mutual support in a community is something I deeply cherish and strive to foster in my work.

Grisha’s story and methodology offer a beacon of hope for those seeking change. His journey from a place of darkness to one of enlightenment and empowerment is not just inspiring; it’s a testament to the power of self-actualization. Through his work and ‘Do It Different,’ Grisha continues to impact lives, proving that the most creative act one can undertake is, indeed, creating oneself.

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Words by Elle Taylor

Portraits by Vita Phoenix

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