[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”

“What inspired me to try past life experience with Ariella Karim, it was the uncertainty and bewilderment of 2020. And at the very end of 2020, my friend introduced me to Ariella. It just came out of the blue and I decided to try something I always wondered about, Past Life Experience, but didn’t come about to really experience it before the last day of 2020. I felt a strong urge to let go of the past and everything that did not serve me right at this time and start 2021 with a fresh perspective.” And I am truly glad I trusted Ariella to guide me through my PLR experience.

I believe that nothing is a coincidence in our life and the stars always align for us when we meant to do something, learn something or meet someone for a certain experience. That’s exactly what happened when I met Ariella. My experience with her past Life Experience Hypnotherapy was really meaningful and helped me see things from my past that were blocking some paths in my present. With all that said, I decided to share this conversation with Ariella with you, my dear readers. It is a non-conventional way of understanding our true self, a way to empower our minds through the memories of the past.

Ariella Karim is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, certified at the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH). She is using hypnosis to help people for many years and she genuinely loves making positive changes in her life, as well as, in her client’s lives. Ariella helped many people to overcome phobias, get over limiting beliefs, help set unique life goals, heal after a bad breakup, sleeping issues, self-esteem, sexual issues, weight loss, and so much more.
Other times, during the hypnotherapy, you might discover a happy memory, to remind you why you are here in this life, or a repetitive habit which you carry from lifetime to lifetime in order to let it go and live happily ever after…

We sat down with Ariella for an interesting conversation about life before and life now and why Hypnotherapy is relevant today and what is the best way to enjoy life in the present and stay empowered.

1. How and When did you learn that you’d like to become a Clinical Hypnotherapist, and why?

I was born in a small country called Moldova, to a middle-class family. My mother was a medical professional, and my father worked as a long-distance fisherman. I always thought I would be in the medical field, just like everyone else in my family from my mother’s side, and hypnosis was never on my bucket list. I graduated with a psychology major and completed a pre-med. Even then, I never thought of hypnosis. Sometime later in life something terrible happened, I got very sick and with no exaggeration, I felt lost and scared and I was confused. I was going through 5 stages of grief and lots of anger. There were questions in my mind, why did it happen to me? I couldn’t understand it, why out of all the people, I had to get so sick without any symptoms. Funny enough, at that time, I had no idea it was self-hypnosis and affirmations which I was practicing on myself during the horrible experience I was living. I did it intuitively, I did exactly what my soul told me to do. I started to feel better and I began to cure myself within, entirely by my own power of thought.  After nine months of hard work, I was finally 100% healthy. Let’s put it this way, my doctors were amazed, they had no answers, no explanations, they were not expecting this at all. So, I decided to explore what happened to me, and how I healed myself with my own power. I knew I did it all by myself and I was anxious to learn everything about my new superpower. That’s when I discovered hypnosis. Hypnosis was exactly what I was practicing on myself without any knowledge. That’s how I discovered my destiny to become a healer for other people, a hypnotherapist. I truly believe my illness got me on this path and I am very grateful and totally embraced it.

I understood why I got sick, the message and the lesson helped me get on this path of empowering other people. I had to learn to heal myself in order to heal other people. In actuality I did not choose hypnotherapy, but it chose me. Hypnotists aren’t Gods – we are guides. We guide a person to self-awareness, where a person on a deeper level knows how to help himself. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a regular session or a past life experience. Either way, it’s a journey to self-healing, and I am here to guide you.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image image=”15498″ img_size=”medium” alignment=”center”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]2. What is Past Life Experience and how does it help people, in what way?

Past life experience is a journey of your soul. If you believe that we have a soul, and if you think that our body is a host to our souls, then past life experience is for you. Our souls are traveling, and they are here on earth to learn and teach. We are here to evolve and grow. That’s right; through teaching, we are learning as well. That is what past life experience is all about. Seeing your previous mistakes regrets “wishing you had one more chance to redo the mistakes.”  There is always this chance to undo your mistakes, if you are willing to learn. By reliving your past life, you can see what mistake you made and what you are here to learn. It makes you realize that maybe in your current life, you should pay a bit closer attention to something which you resist, so you can move forward and learn from your mistakes. In a karmic way, we want to see all the imbalances. Karma isn’t about punishment, the entire process isn’t about discipline, it’s about learning and teaching, about balance, love, gratitude and respect.
Think of it this way, imagine you are going on a trip, and I am not telling you where you are going or for how long. I do not ask you what to take with you, or to bring with you. Now, imagine that you need to carry your luggage on a steep 45-degree mountain and it’s sweltering outside. Your baggage has no wheels, and you are carrying it with all your strength. I’m pretty sure you will open your luggage and remove some of the items you packed right? because it is just way too heavy to carry. Your heavy luggage is your past emotions, feelings, unresolved issues, struggles and you bring it all from your past life or lives into a current one. So, it’s time to unpack and that’s where past life experience comes handy.

3. Tell us your best experience as a hypnotherapist? 

Every experience is beautiful and unique. There is not one the same experience. Even the same person having 2-3 different sessions will have a very different experience every time. My most recent experience was with a nice young lady from New Mexico. It was one of the most beautiful journeys. She had so many emotions through the session that I couldn’t help myself but remember.
Kate is a young female, 33 years old, she’s the mother of 2 children, a well-educated woman and a very spiritual person. Kate read many books about spirituality and past life journeys. She also felt that her husband is “not her soulmate” in a romantic sense, but she still wanted to be with him because of a healthy, instant connection since day one, and always wondered why she felt that way with him. She even said, I feel like he was my son, and I always discipline him.
Her past life experience: The year was 1709. Chicago, during the winter and very dark. (Kate) is now, Michael. Yes, during your past life, you might have been a female or a male or even an animal. I don’t want to confuse you, so I will refer to Kate as Michael, because now she’s Michael in her past life and we are in session.
Michael was 39 years old, his father passed away and his mother was living with him. He had a wife and two sons. He was a simple man, not an ambitious person. He had a small wooden shop, and he was making a regular living. They were not wealthy but lived a comfortable life. His oldest son’s name was Greg, and his youngest son was John. Michael had a beautiful wife, Nicollet, whom he respected and appreciated but did not have that romantic feeling towards her, not a passionate love emotion. When I asked Michael during the hypnosis, do you love her? – his answer was, she is a good woman and a good mother, and it is enough for me. When I asked if he recognizes his son Greg as anyone in this current life, he said, no, I never met this person before. However, when I asked if he recognized John, he said, yes, that’s my husband, Anthony, in this current life. All Michael did was discipline and teach his son John in that previous life, and because of that, they had a complicated relationship. John wasn’t ready to listen to his father and Michael had a hard time realizing that John has his way of seeing life, until the last breath, Michael and John lived in a conflict.
Now, how does that help my client, Kate? When she opened her eyes, the first thing she said was, I realize now, I now understand that my husband is almost like my son, but he is my partner now. And instead of nagging and teaching, I should support him and just let him grow at his own pace and value. I feel like with that constant control, I stop him from succeeding. In this life, I should treat him as a partner and not as my child as I have treated him subconsciously. It all makes sense now.
By looking at your previous relationship with that person, you can navigate your current life. It’s as you already have a map, and you don’t have to walk through your path blindly.

4. Are there people who cannot get hypnotized, and why?

In short, everyone can be hypnotized. The only people who cannot be hypnotized are people with schizophrenia, ADHD, and paranoia. Did you know that an average person gets in a trance state 8-10 times a day? The smarter you are, the more comfortable for you to be hypnotized. Shockingly enough, I know the reason, it is because hypnosis is all about relaxation, concentration, imagination, and focus. All this will result in suggestibility. Every time you are watching tv, driving your car, playing games, spending time on Instagram, etc., all that results in a trance. Of course, it’s a much easier, lighter trance, but it’s still a hypnotic relaxation.

5. What is your advice for the people during these current sensitive times, during this pandemic?

Stop going through this alone. There is no shame in asking for help. If during the pandemic your anxiety is on the rise, it’s time to ask for help. Hypnosis can help you to manage your stress and be more motivated and kick all your bad habits to the curb: smoking, overeating, and lack of motivation.
Pandemic is isolating us at this time and hypnosis can help you to be able to overcome and cope with it.
Breath in and breath out, slowly steady breaths, relaxing your thoughts, relaxing your body and allowing your mind, soul, and body to rejuvenate and heal. Release all the negative thoughts, ideas, concepts, actions, and reactions. Take one day at a time, one breath at a time and remember that it is all temporary. Happiness comes from within. It is a choice, unless you choose to be happy and free, no one really can do that for you. You just allow happiness to come into your heart, even if you cannot concentrate at first, just keep trying. It’s like planting a small seed of joy, letting it grow, moment by moment and soon enough it will blossom with the fruit of your subconscious mind. That’s your accomplishments, your dreams and your goals blossomed from the seed of happiness you once planted.

“And to complete this fun discussion, I will share my goals. I see myself growing in every aspect of the next five years. I intend to learn from my clients and share my experiences, my observations and my teachings with my future audience. I see myself working with a large audience and motivating, inspiring and empowering people all around the world.” – Ariella.

To contact Ariella, please email: [email protected]

By Elle Taylor[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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