Viola Hutchinson: Harmonizing Nostalgia and Dreams in ‘Ruby Moon’

In the realm of music, where dreams and reality often intertwine, Viola Hutchinson stands as a beacon of authenticity and creativity. With her latest music video, “Ruby Moon,” Viola not only captures the essence of nostalgic yearning but also invites us into a world where every note resonates with the echoes of a soul unbound by the ordinary. From her early days of poetic musings to her current artistic endeavors, Viola embodies a journey that is as inspiring as it is melodious. In this exclusive interview with INLOVE, we delve into the heart of Viola Hutchinson’s musical universe, exploring the inspirations, aspirations, and the unspoken narratives that shape her unique sound. Join us as we unravel the lyrical tapestry of “Ruby Moon,” and discover the vibrant, multifaceted world of an artist who is redefining the boundaries of music and storytelling.

Viola Hutchinson: Unveiling the Essence of “Ruby Moon”
Congratulations on your new music video, “Ruby Moon.” Can you tell us more about its origin and the inspiration behind it?

Ruby Moon originated from a poem I wrote at 14 about escaping to the moon. Moving from NYC to LA reignited the inspiration, turning it into a nostalgic song about yearning for teenage years.

What sparked your early passion for music, and how did it evolve over the years?

I’ve always loved music and performing. My Thai middle name, “Sang-dau” (shining star), reflects my maetu’s encouragement to sing from a young age. My serious journey began in college, learning guitar and writing my first single.

Beyond singing, what are your other interests and activities when you’re not immersed in music?

I’m a third-degree black belt, trained by my dad. Outside of taekwondo, I enjoy vintage shopping, pressing flowers, reading feminist literature, playing tennis, and exploring dive bars with friends.

Dream Collaborations: Is there an artist you dream of working with in the future?

I’d love to work with Ellie from Wolf Alice. Their genre experimentation in “Blue Weekend” and “Visions of a Life” has been a huge inspiration for me.

Any albums or songs that significantly changed the way you perceive music

“Tigermilk” by Belle and Sebastian shattered my preconceptions of songwriting. Lana Del Rey’s “Ultraviolence” and Amy Winehouse’s “Frank” deeply influenced my lyricism and love for storytelling.

Take us behind the scenes of the “Ruby Moon” music video. Were you part of the planning process, and any funny stories from the set?

The video was chaotic and fun! The director and I came up with a dream-like concept at a coffee shop. A funny incident involved a forgotten costume, adding humor to the set.

How do you envision your music evolving as your career progresses?

I’m working on an EP and want to break conventional boundaries, creating unique visuals and surprising audiences with unexpected writing and music production.

As an artist, what are your biggest goals and aspirations?

I want my music to resonate with people, to be relatable and inspiring. If my music means something to one person, I consider it a success.
My music is a journey through the echoes of my soul, a melodic exploration of the highs and lows that shape our existence. It’s an invitation to find solace, inspiration, and a piece of your own story in the rhythm of our shared humanity. – Viola Hutchinson

Describe your messy creative process when writing music.

It starts with brainstorming a title and delves into piecing together fragments from my journals. The collaboration with my producer involves fine-tuning lyrics to sound harmonious.

What themes are you interested in exploring through your music?

I want to explore girlhood and womanhood, delving into identity and reflecting on the challenges and emotions of growing up. If my music impacts even one person, I consider it a meaningful achievement.

Words by Elle Taylor.

Photographer: Mitchell Trunk

Stylist: Kimberly Goodnight

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