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One of America’s hidden heroes is bringing a different a-purr-oach to medicine

Dr. Joseph D’Amore can recall many proud moments throughout his long career; like the time he saved a young boy’s life after his insulin pump had malfunctioned and he was going into a diabetic coma. Today, that boy is grown up and is entering the field of medicine. He’ll now be able to give the gift of life back to someone else.

“Dr. Joe,” as he is so lovingly called, has been practicing medicine for over four decades. The good doctor is based in New York, where he treats some of the most complicated asthmatic patients in North America. It was through experience, and time, that he merged two of his greatest loves. He blended his adoration for allergy/immunology, and pet health, into an integrated product called Allercure. Designed to aid and assist our beloved pets, Dr. Joe states, “In my opinion, Allercure is the answer to all of our pets’ allergic problems.”

After he came to realize that our pets live in the same type of environment that has caused our immune systems to overreact, he developed Allercure. He recognized that our furry loved ones needed a non-interventional therapy that was painless, easy to apply by pet owners and inexpensive.

Allercure took over 10 years to create and $350,000 to bring to market. Dr. Joe used a USDA federally qualified lab specializing in veterinary grade allergy extracts, to ensure quality control and the highest level of purity. In addition, he had a university-based research team to ensure efficacy.

“I felt a responsibility to improve our animals’ quality of life as they give us unconditional love and truly deserve our help,” Dr. Joe explained. “If we can use Allercure as both a preventative and therapeutic agent, we can benefit our pets and alleviate their allergic signs and symptoms on a daily basis.”

Dr. Joe traces his love for animals back to being a child, growing up in Brooklyn. To hear him discuss his cat “Precious,” you get an even greater sense of what inspires him. Precious was an integral part of his family for almost 16 years. After losing Precious to feline leukemia a few years ago, the family laid her to rest in their backyard and planted a tree over the spot to commemorate the time she let them share with her.

As the founder of Pet Cure Solutions and creator of Allercure, Dr. Joe says it would be his greatest pleasure to see it grow as a company because that would mean so many of our pets would benefit from its use. By creating a USDA approved product that the pet owner can administer in the privacy of their home is wonderful. It means no more traumatic trips to a vet for painful, time-consuming injections, and it’s a cost-effective therapy for a very chronic common pet problem. In addition, Dr. Joe wants to educate the pet owner as much as possible. Everything you need to know can be found on his website: ALLERPET911.

It’s easy to see the heroic nature that shines through Dr. Joe. When he’s not dressing up on special occasions as “Captain Asthma” or has you feeling as if you were sitting front row at a comedy club, he’s often being honored for his achievements. Dr. Joe won the Long Island Healthcare Hero Award in 2007 for his 30 years of aiding numerous charitable organizations. He also won the Good Samaritan Award in 2002. He has been actively involved in contributing to Doctors Without Borders. He has sent supplies to the Peace Corps which had been generously donated to him by the pharmaceutical industry throughout the ‘90s. Currently, he is involved in two charities: UNLOK and Key Konceptz. Both are designed to allow better educational and employment opportunities to our USA veterans. Both charities specifically target a USA veteran’s particular skill set using cutting edge, tried-and-true gamification techniques.

“In life, a person is often defined by his family and friends; by his or her hobbies, choice of occupation, career, profession, sport, and, or academic achievements,” Dr. Joe says. “In my case, I have been extremely lucky in that I have an amazing wife, three children, and five grandchildren. I have great friends going back 54 years, have written two cookbooks reflecting my love of all things culinary, have been a physician the past 45 years specializing in allergy, asthma and clinical immunology, and have had all types of pets in my life for at least 60 years out of my 68 years.”

It’s this love and passion that he carries into all things that makes Dr. Joe the hero that we all need.


Sari Cohen.

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