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Shota Omakase

In the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, a new culinary gem has emerged, bringing the delicate art of Edomae-style sushi to the forefront. At 50 South 3rd Street, an intimate 16-seat venue named Shota Omakase presents a unique 18-course dining adventure that promises an authentic taste of Japan. The mastermind behind this venture is none other than Chef Cheng Lin, whose illustrious career in New York’s sushi scene has culminated in the creation of this gastronomic sanctuary.


Every evening, guests are welcomed into a serene space designed by Chef Lin himself, where the subtle elegance of white oak and the comfort of cushioned chairs set the stage for an undistracted immersion into the flavors of Japan. The omakase bar, an arc of culinary theater, showcases a daily changing menu that pays homage to the time-honored techniques of marinating, curing, and aging, ensuring each course tells a story of tradition and taste.
The journey of Chef Lin, from his early days honing skills at Hatsuhana to his pivotal roles in esteemed kitchens like Sushi Seki and Blue Ribbon, reflects in every slice of Chūtoro and every grain of Inochi No Ichi rice. His commitment to quality sees him sourcing ingredients from the revered Toyosu Market, adhering to ethical standards with Ike-jime and Shinkei-jime techniques, and elevating his sushi rice with akazu, a carefully aged red vinegar that introduces a depth of umami.
But the experience at Shota Omakase transcends the sushi bar. A handpicked selection of sakes, wines, and beers awaits to complement the intricate flavors of the dishes, with offerings like the Noguchi Naokiko Natsu No Namazake and the Pol Roger Brut Champagne 2015 promising to round out the meal with refined sips.

Amidst the masterful 18-course journey at Shota Omakase, a revelation awaits—a fresh wasabi crafted before your eyes, its taste unparalleled, unlike any other wasabi you’ve ever encountered. This isn’t just an addition to your plate; it’s a culinary marvel, a zesty accompaniment that awakens the senses and enhances the flavors of each dish with its unique pungency and vibrant heat. This wasabi, meticulously grated from a genuine wasabi rhizome, offers a flavor that’s at once potent and refined—elevating the sushi experience to new heights. It’s a testament to the establishment’s ethos, “Savor the Craft,” where every detail is an invitation to appreciate the artisanal skill and passion poured into every aspect of dining at Shota Omakase.

With a nod to the inspirational manga series “Shota No Sushi”, Chef Lin’s personal homage to the passionate art of sushi-making, Shota Omakase stands as a testament to a dream realized, a craft perfected, and a dining experience that invites patrons to revel in the simplicity and complexity of sushi, one exquisite bite at a time. This is not just a meal; it’s a celebration of dedication, skill, and the timeless allure of Edomae sushi, offered at $175 per person, within a space that puts the spotlight where it belongs: on the plate.


Words by Elle Taylor.

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