Transformative Skincare Journey with Edyta Jarosz at Shafer Clinic

Embarking on a skincare journey can be a transformative experience, especially when guided by a true expert. This is the story of my extraordinary facial experience with Edyta Jarosz, the resident aesthetician at Shafer Clinic Fifth Avenue in NYC. Edyta, born in Poland, is not just an aesthetician but a skincare maestro, blending her engineering background with extensive training in skincare from prestigious institutions across the world. Her journey from Poland to France, Japan, and the U.S. has cultivated a unique expertise that reflects in her signature treatments.

Edyta Jarosz

Edyta’s role as the Global Brand Ambassador for MDNA SKIN (luxury skincare by Madonna) and an International Senior Educator for Raja Medical has not only showcased her skills on global platforms but also underlined her commitment to innovation in skincare. Her “magic hands” have earned her a loyal following, both nationally and internationally, with clients seeking her bespoke treatments that combine technological advancements with traditional techniques.
My experience at Shafer Clinic Fifth Avenue was nothing short of magical. Edyta’s approach is highly personalized, focusing on individual skin types, sensitivities, and specific concerns. She uses a variety of machines and skincare lines, ensuring each treatment is as unique as the client.

For me, Edyta performed her signature Oxylight facial combined with DiamondGlow, a treatment that promised—and delivered—dewy, glowing, and rejuvenated skin. The process began with Diamond Glow technology, a triple-action, non-invasive facial treatment utilizing real diamonds for gentle exfoliation. This was coupled with SkinMedica® Pro-Infusion Serums, specifically chosen for my skin: the TNS Advanced+ serum for comprehensive rejuvenation, and HA5 Hyaluronic Acid for instant hydration and plumping.

The treatment included Edyta’s unique facial massage, blending LIFT, SCULPT, and SLAP techniques to activate muscles, boost circulation, and enhance skin oxygenation, using my diverse skills from around the world. This was followed by high-pressure oxygen infusion for serum delivery and hydration, and a mask with cryo-sticks massage. Advanced techniques like Biosonix Ultrasound with LED, MyoSonix therapy, and microcurrents were employed for skin tightening, muscle lifting, and sculpting. The NuEra Tight, a non-invasive radiofrequency treatment, further improved skin laxity, giving a sensation akin to a hot stone massage.

The facial concluded with LED Light Therapy combined with Negative Ionized Oxygen, offering benefits like enhanced glow, calmer skin, and improved hydration. This therapy also combats bacteria, aiding in breakout prevention, and promotes collagen through increased blood circulation. Following this, Edyta used high-pressure oxygen infusion, Biosonix Ultrasound with LED light, MyoSonix therapy, and the NuEra Tight treatment. Each step was a testament to her mastery in blending technology with skincare. The facial culminated with LED Light Therapy combined with Negative Ionized Oxygen, leaving my skin visibly transformed – more hydrated, calm, and with a noticeable glow.

“I strongly believe that nothing can replace the power of human touch. And that is exactly what keeps my passion and dedication to the art of facial massage. The joy of giving a facial massage is an art itself.” ~ Edyta

Edyta’s philosophy resonates deeply with me. She believes in the irreplaceable power of human touch in skincare, a sentiment that is palpable in every aspect of her treatment. Her passion for facial massage is not just a practice but an art form that she has perfected with dedication and love.

Reflecting on this experience, I am not just impressed by the visible results but also deeply moved by the care and expertise Edyta brings to her work. She is more than an aesthetician; she is a skincare artist whose canvas is the human face, transforming it with every touch.
For anyone looking to redefine their skincare experience, I highly recommend booking an appointment with Edyta at Shafer Clinic Fifth Avenue. Her expertise, combined with her personalized approach, makes every session a journey towards not just better skin, but a renewed sense of self.

After Facial Glow (Elena Vasilevsky)

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Words by Elena Vasilevsky
Editor-In-Chief (INLOVE magazine)

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