From Hollywood Screens to Musical Dreams, Zane Carter’s Multifaceted Journey

In the world of entertainment, musical artist and actor Zane Carter embodies all the heart and talent it takes to manifest a successful career. From his Kentucky roots to the bustling city of LA, Zane’s journey has led him to roles and projects that have allowed him to focus on what he loves to create – whether through a character or a song.

“I’ve been in love with [acting and music] from an early age,” Carter tells INLOVE. “Neither of them were considered paths for me to take early on,” he continued. “I used to recite lines from TV shows back to my grandma as a kid, and I can remember singing in the shower so much, I couldn’t even count how many times my family yelled at me to quiet down.”

But the Now United singer eventually found his voice and, toward the end of high school, took his chances on a life in the arts.


“I’ve always been a huge believer that things happen for a reason,” Carter says. “There’s really nothing you can do at the end of the day for things outside your control. I don’t have a mantra, but I do hold Christ closely to all of

my decisions and situations in my life, whether they are bad or beneficial. I’ve found a peace like no other in Him. I genuinely feel like people are built with an innate yearning for something outside of our own world. On top of that, I think there are too many wonderful creatives and [magnificent], beautiful scenes for it not to all be intentional.”

Carter wants the songs he makes to be read aloud as poems. “I want people to latch on and lose themselves in them as much as I have while writing them. I don’t want to give away too much, but I have a few songs almost finished that I feel might be some of the prettiest songs lyrically I’ve ever written.”

Carter reflects on the first artist he fell in love with – John Legend. “His song ‘All of Me’ is, in all honesty, the only practice my voice got through my entire childhood. I’m not sure what it was about that song, but I absolutely could not shut up when it was on,” Carter mused.

Today, the entertainer uses apps like TikTok to showcase his creativity. “I think the app is an amazing place to grow and learn, but it’s very easy to get lost in it,” he shared. “It’s been a blessing but can also be very consuming at times. I intend to use it as a creative outlet but still have it in moderation to where my every waking moment isn’t always on the app.”

Another vehicle of expression for the artist is fashion. The first look that inspired him, he admits, was the classic “dad cargo short outfits.” Carter says he really looked up to his father as a kid, so he remembers wanting to look

and act like him growing up, which, in turn, led him to buy some baggy t-shirts and cargo shorts to rock in the summer months.

“Fashion, in my opinion, is universal, whereas style becomes unique to the individual,” Carter explained. “Fashion is more about the actual art and elegance of the design, piece, or work. There’s an objective beauty to it. Style is categorized in a cut-and-dry way. Style fits inside of a box while fashion is the box.”

Carter’s brand, ZMC, is set for a hard launch in 2024. The “Don’t You Call Me Up” singer is excited for the unveiling. “I enjoy wearing accessories and look forward to sharing our versatile designs and process with the rest of the world,” he tells INLOVE. “Of course, that won’t be the limit. This brand gives me a creative outlet to expand on products and ideas. It’s a process I’ve longed for and will undeniably further even my own perception.”

On top of that, Carter is making new music and continuing to broaden his acting career. “I really think the creative side of your brain is like a muscle, so if you don’t train or work at it, it can become stagnant,” he shared. “My future goals change ultimately every time I’m asked about them, but one that always remains: I’m going to make 80-year-old me happy with all the decisions I make now.”

Carter continued, “If there’s one thing I’d like to add, it’s a little bit of joy to the day of whoever’s reading this. I promise that whatever you’re going through

will be okay. The only thing we can control is how we respond; anything outside of that is just self-sabotaging at the end of the day. It’s always better to operate out of a heart posture of self-gratitude than self-deprivation, and I promise you’ll see change as long as you live by that.”

Zane Carter on being in love:

“I absolutely adore [my girlfriend]. The best thing that’s helped us through our journey is intentionally having uncomfortable conversations so they don’t catch you off guard as you go along. The only way to truly love someone is to lay out all your transgressions on the table, which is a terrifying feeling yet immeasurably pays off, and then build off the trust that you both have after conversations like that. Another huge thing is never to stop doing the little things. They add up to mountains before you ever realize it, and they can either build you both up with it or block your vision for the future.”

5 Need-to-know things about Zane Carter (from Zane Carter)

  1. I adore getting to know people and their stories. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always enjoyed conversations, talking to anyone and everyone.
  2. I love my craft. Being an artist, getting to act out and tell other people’s stories has given me so much more perspective and insight into lives other than my own and a deeper understanding of my own experiences. I’m able to see pieces of myself in other people and relate to them and the characters I play so much more.
  3. I care for others. Not in a cheesy, you-should-be-nice-to-everyone way, but in an I-really believe-people-have-an-innate-value-past-what-they-have-to-offer way
  1. My brotherhood with my younger brother Zander. I was blessed enough to grow up in the same household with a best friend who grew so much alongside me and my life. I feel like we’ll be able to educate and help out other siblings one day since the friendship we’ve built still blows my mind.
  2. I always try my hardest in everything I do. I love life and think it’s too valuable to be something you walk out “half-hearted.”

Words by Sari Cohen.

Photographer: IanPhillips

Stylist: KimberlyGoodnight

Groomer: Maxwell Martin for Exclusive Artists

Production: Theo Hobbie for Media Playground PR (WestHollywood,CA)

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