BASSINS DE LUMIÈRES is located in Bordeaux’s former submarine base, where it will be presented as a monumental immersive digital exhibition devoted to the major artists in the history of contemporary art.


22 Feb: The Bilbao Effect

The Bilbao Effect
The branch of the New York Museum of Solomon Guggenheim, located in the Spanish city of Bilbao, turned 21 this year. It was opened at the end of 1997 – at the end of the 20th century. The century at the beginning of which conceptual art was born, made a revolution in the art world, and in the end found its stable place under the museum spotlights.

Beatriz Museum cover

22 Feb: Beatriz Santacana – Havana Cuba

Some cities have beautiful nicknames. Los Angeles is the City of Angels. Paris is the City of Lights. Havana has a distinctive nickname: Ciudad de las Columnas – the City of Columns. When you walk around Old and New Havana, you will feel as though you’re back in the 50s era. With all of its glorious colonial architecture, beautiful columns and gorgeously crafted doors, the vintage scenery is a sight to see. Havana is so full of life. Bathed in sunshine, Havana oozes a bright and vibrant demeanor due to the genuine warmth of its people.