22 Nov: Femme Fatale – Delaney Glazer

Since stepping into her first pair of dance shoes, Glazer has toured the world with many of today’s top artists. Over the years, she’s racked up a long list of TV appearances. The 23-year-old dance phenom has become a digital superstar whose work with Shots Studios regularly garners millions upon millions of views.


22 Nov: Akon – Lighting the Way

Akon released new music this fall, which marks his first album since 2008.
“I’ve taken some time to work in Africa,” the artist shared about what he has been up to.
“I’ve already done it all in the music business, so I decided if I was going to come back, I had to do it for the passion of it all.

Peyton List

25 Oct: Charming New Yorker – Peyton List

From Disney’s Jessie to Bunk’d, Peyton List has been charming her way into our living rooms for years. Her story begins like a fairy tale – getting discovered by an agent in New York on the Staten Island Ferry. Well, technically, it was her twin brother Spencer who first caught the agent’s interest, but luckily for us, the now 20-year-old actress took her own advice and went after her dreams.


24 Sep: Sunday In Brooklyn

Williamsburg is a trendy-hip neighborhood with plenty of hipster cool: This once warehouse-filled industrial area now has a thriving arts and music scene. Discover stellar restaurants, some of the city’s most interesting shopping spots, countless bar options, live music venues and super-colorful people watching scene. On Sunday after brunch, the new Domino Park or McCarren Park are perfect for people watching or a quick game of kickball or soccer.


24 Sep: 24-7 Happy Hour, Negril Jamaica

The birthplace of Bob Marley, where everytin’ irie, Jamaica is an island paradise like no other. With crystal blue waters and reef-lined beaches, you can indulge in everything, and I mean everything! From rum and ting, or a punch made with Jamaica’s own Appleton rum to pool parties, Jamaica is a timeless place to visit.