Creativity is Love. MYKOLA ZNOBA

Ancient Greeks considered the great mystery of creation, and genesis of metal, a great miracle and gift from the gods. Since then many empires have risen and fallen to ashes, we have traveled into space, learned how to use the power of the atom, decoded DNA, created artificial life, synthesized man-made bacteria in laboratories and […]


Flight of the broom. IRINA PORTNYAGINA

As you nestle into your seats before the start of a great production on Broadway, or at the Metropolitan Opera House, pay close attention to the captivating setup of the stage. Imagine artists hovering over a 60 by 40 foot linen canvas, gracefully swerving out attentively plotted images with foot long brushes resembling miniature brooms. […]



If works of art are the objects of investment, then there must be a certain financial instrument that manages the process of savings on these investments. In fact, the art business is one of the biggest intrigues of modern society. Only a few really know how it works, but many, without exception, simply conduct multiple […]


Embracing beauty. Marc Mellon

Marc Mellon, one of the most distinguished American sculptures of our time, personifies beauty. Beauty is present through his speech, mannerisms and especially through the artwork he so graciously shares with the world. Mellon is most well known for his bronze portrait busts of historical figures from around the globe. Amongst his works of art, […]


Behind the scenes

As a fashion blogger, I am familiar with what usually happens during the photo shoots. Everybody is running around and yet things seem to never get done on time. But there is a different scenario on the shoots with celebrity photographer Vital Agibalow. He is famous for not only his flawless execution of cover shoots […]


The symbol of life

One beautiful Saturday, a week before Easter, I invited my husband to the Ukrainian Institute of America, located in New York City, to make pysanky with me (I will not reveal his nationality to keep you even more intrigued). He eagerly agreed, but not simply to be polite and impress me (though, he is a […]


Love. Happiness. Belief.

Ukrainian embroidery comes with specific DNA code. It contains the soul of the nation and its traditions carried on by generations. The embroidery conveys the magical energy, equivalent only to the notions of “love”, “happiness”, and “belief”. Back in the old days, schemes never existed as people, unfortunately, utilize them nowadays. Craftsmen rendered their inner […]


Soul of Little Ukraine

The Ukrainian Museum in New York is a statement on its own. Few communities in the United States are as unified, and fewer still have established their own museums. And it’s not only a museum; it is also an active and vibrant contemporary center of Ukrainian society with a unique cultural model. It offers important […]


An Animation About Life – The Prophet

It’s about love, marriage, friendship, birth, death, work; it’s about life. “The Prophet”, a classic book by Lebanese writer Khalil Gibran is all one really needs as a timeless guide to live a fulfilled life in perspective. Quoted around the world, and widely known as the Bible of the 60’s, Gibran’s 26 prose poetry essays […]


Buddha’s Residence – The Rubin Museum

Rubin Museum – Inscrutable in many ways – Spiritual art in the modern world. While the existence of Tibetan monasteries and temples under the influence of tough policies, and the Chinese regime is slowly losing its phenomenal museums and history, on the other end of the earth, in the United States, a country that was […]